Editorial Commissions

I create lifestyle and travel editorials with a documentary aesthetic for print and digital clients. With a focus on storytelling, connection and adventure I capture authentic portraiture and engaging imagery of people and places globally.

Visual narratives that capture the magic in people and places around the world.

Branding Photography

Behind every great brand is an engaging story...

Connect with your ideal audience through beautiful, storytelling imagery. Let me help tell your story through creating unique visual narratives, which meaningfully reflect your brand identity and creative purpose. 

I work with...

Makers and shakers in the lifestyle and travel industries, which are forging their own creative path. Inspiring creatives that value considered and impactful imagery to effectively communicate their story to their ideal audience.

You are...

Magic making illustrators, food creatives, designers, stylists, florists, writers, painters, ceramic artists, bloggers and other creatives and businesses in the lifestyle and travel industries. 

My approach...

Getting to know you, your vision and what makes your business tick. I curate authentic, storytelling imagery of the everyday moments in your business. Providing your ideal clients with a window into your creative world and the things that inspire your unique brand identity. 

Branding services include:

  • Personal branding portraiture 
  • Website content creation 
  • Social media content creation
  • Product photography and styling 
  • Interior and studio imagery 
  • Marketing imagery

Visual narratives that capture the magic in your brand and business.